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Makes "scents" to me

Updated: Jan 1, 2020

During our fabulous journey of making and producing MISTER G ...SAYS 'HOLD ON'...TEXTURE GEL, I immediately began to think of how (with so many hair products on the market already) our product could stand out and be instantly recognised through a simple point of difference even BEFORE the product was applied. Knowing that the blend itself could stand alone as an excellent functional gel for ALL possible hairstyles & hair types, there was still an aura of DESIRE that I wanted to create.

It was a no-brainer really, after considering how important scent is to us humans. Did you know that scent brings us back to our earliest primal days as humans on this planet? When babies are born, a mother's scent is imprinted by the baby as a form of recognition and safety. Scent can even tell us if something is good or bad. Women, and men, adorn themselves with scent to attract a positive reaction in those around them. 

With this wisdom in mind, I immediately sprung to the conclusion that CINNAMON was the ONLY choice we HAD to go with. As far as I know, no other product has used cinnamon as a scent in the hairdressing world.

Since recorded history, cinnamon has been praised as a common scent of desire in both men and women. (Mister G TEXTURE GEL is for both men and women, so it would be crazy to aim a scent at just one demographic)

We ALL know the heady attraction of freshly baked donuts...especially if they have been sprinkled with a little cinnamon dust.

As you may appreciate, earlier I pointed out how this wasn't a common scent used in existing products, this foray into scent became ANOTHER trial and error experience. The smell could not be too overbearing or too weak.

THE OUTCOME: A fresh balance has been struck with the cinnamon scent. When first applied, particularly as you warm the product in your hands by gently rubbing them together, a lovely delicate aroma ensues. Cinnamon has a HAPPY, RELAXING effect on our olfactory organs; so that no matter what time of day your gel is applied; you should begin to feel pretty good.

THAT'S NOT ALL - You WILL find that the cinnamon scent will not CLING like an overpowering cloud. Perfume wearers will NOT be compromised by using the gel. - If you have a fresh colour applied, a quick blowdry with a little MISTER G will help neutralise any residual colour smell.  - Notice that EXTRA spring in your step when you use your MISTER G TEXTURE GEL.

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