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A Facebook friend recently asked how to keep her hairbrushes clean. Any implement we use, obviously needs to be kept clean. Your hairbrush should be thoroughly cleaned every TWO WEEKS.


Keeping your brushes in tip top condition will increase the longevity of them. If your brush has bristles that are falling out (Boar Hair Brushes) or the rubber bits are starting to fall off the ends (Plastic Brushes) you should think about replacing it. You could cause cuticle damage to your hair using a brush that is no longer in the best condition.


1. Use a comb to remove hair from the brush.

2. Soak the brush in warm water with disinfectant.

3. Scrub two brushes together gently. This will lift off excess product build up.

4. Leave to dry.

# Some brushes (Denman) can be pulled apart to clean. You may sprinkle with powder, when dry, to refit.

# To clean your comb, follow the same procedure as above. You can use a nail brush to scrub off product build up.


WOODEN BRUSH HANDLES : Make sure handles are thoroughly dried to prevent cracking.

METAL BRUSH HANDLES : Make sure handles are thoroughly dries to prevent rust.

If in doubt, or you have further questions about the brush YOU use... bring it into the salon on your next visit

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