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Shine bright

GLASS 01 SMOOTHING SERUM Does your hair look a little dull? Do you want some instant no fuss shine? You might like to try GLASS 01 smoothing serum.  WHY? * Nearly all hairstyles can benefit from some extra shine and a frizz free, smooth, sleek look.* Damp Hair benefits- Adds shine and manageability when blowdrying.* Dry Hair benefits- Prevents frizz and adds a high-gloss finish.* HAIR EXTENSIONS - Adds shine.* All hair types can use this product.* Can be layered with other Redken styling products.  HOW? * Squeeze 2-3 drops onto your palm. Rub together to warm the product. This helps it spread evenly and smooth through damp or dry hair at mid lengths and ends. * Don't apply to roots OR use TOO MUCH product. The result will be a greasy look.  RESULTS *Soft, shiny manageable hair.*Texture with high shine.*Flexible, controlled curls.* No product build up  - rinses out.  Try some GLASS 01 smoothing serum ....ask the team at Hair Flair Salon for a demonstration on your next visit.

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