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Herbs and Hair


Have you ever considered that the herbs you cook with could influence the state of your hair?


You can grow them easily in your own backyard. Pick what you need and watch the rest grow. I did a whole new re-plant today and can't wait to use them in my winter cooking.

KALE Kale is a new one for me to be grow. It has many health benefits and properties. The fact that Kale is high in iron and Vitamin C means that hair loss can be prevented. Your hair follicles and scalp will be kept healthy with regular consumption. 

PARSLEY & CORIANDER People easily mistake the two as the continental variety of parsley can look similar. Coriander has quite a distinct flavour and aroma, so when taste tested there is NO mistaking these two. The reason I put the two together here is because they both contain ANT-INFLAMMATORY properties. PARSLEY is rich in Vitamin C, B12, K and A.... these are all good for the scalp.

CHIVES Chives contain Vitamins A and K, this helps stimulate hair growth by increasing the flow of blood to the scalp and hair roots. They stop hair breakage, giving you fuller and shinier hair. Chives also posses anti - inflammatory properties which will help reduce or elimate an itchy scalp. 

RED LETTUCE This lettuce is high in Vitamin A. Your scalp will be protected from the sun and oil production will be balanced. 

CHILLI Once again, the chilli is high in Vitamin C which helps protect the scalp.

BAY LEAF I have never attempted to grow my own bay leaves before. They contain anti - inflammatory properties. Great to add to winter bolognaise. 

Enjoy planting your own HERB GARDEN this season. Not only will your cooking taste great, but your hair will thank you for it too. What are you going to plant?


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