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Hair Flair Bradbury Christmas Hamper

HAIR FLAIR BRADBURY - ANNUAL CHRISTMAS HAMPER APPEAL It's that time of year again... Christmas is almost upon us and we are all getting ready for some much needed recreation and celebration, after a tough year of work. Whether you are a religious person or this time we come together as families & friends to reconnect, eat and make merry. 

Growing up, I will never forget the generous nature of my own family who would welcome starving hoards of extended family and friends at our family home EVERY Christmas Eve. Anyone was welcomed with open arms, plenty to eat and plenty to drink.

CELEBRATE AND ENJOY HOW LUCKY YOU ARE Increasingly, many families find this time of year quite tough.  At HAIR FLAIR BRADBURY, we believe that we have a responsibility in giving back to the community. Our community supports us throughout the year in the form of clients. We like to give back, in kind, to those less fortunate within our community. 

TRADITION Thirty years ago... Mr G's mum started the ST VINCENT DE PAUL charity hamper in the salon. We still run it today and each year it seems to becoming increasingly popular - so WE THANK YOU ALL IN ADVANCE. Clients...AND those of YOU who are YET to be clients, are asked to donate a non-perishable Christmas item to the hamper. Something nice for Christmas lunch or dinner, to brighten the lives of those that need it most. A good idea also, are Coles or Woollies vouchers so that "fresh stuff"  can be purchased.

WHERE DOES IT ALL GO? We are proud to announce that ALL donations go to families in the Macarthur Area via our ST VINCENT DE PAUL pick up crew. Our pick up date is the 23rd of December, so get cracking with those donations

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