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10 Reasons why a good hair cut is important

So What’s the difference between a good and a bad haircut? 6-8 weeks is the standard joke and reply.

All jokes aside, if you have ever had the unfortunate experience of being on the receiving end of a BAD Haircut, you would know just how devastating it could be!

Fortunately all of our staff our expertly trained to know how to cut and shape hair.

See a good Hair Cut is all about shape and geometry, It’s about creating the right shape to frame your face shape and hair type.

A good Hair Cut Will.

1) Frame your face 2) Suit your hair type and density 3) Seal your hair by removing any split ends that can continue splitting up higher and higher. 4) Enhance natural texture by eliminating weight 5) Hide irregular growth patterns like Cowlicks. 6) make your hair appear thicker ( solid one length cuts) 7) Make your hair appear thinner, (correct razor cutting techniques) 8) Make your home hair styling easier to achieve. 9) Will Hold Its shape and Last you much, much longer. 10) and last of all it will make you feel wonderful!

Book in now for a expert Hair Cut, and don’t forget to make sure you keep it regular!

Hope to see you soon!

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