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What makes you "hot"?

Have you ever noticed that some people can walk into a room and instantly ALL eyes are glued in that direction - including yours?  What do they have that i don't? Why? How do i get it too?

Take note: first of all, there are no excuses. There is no: Age, sex, career, health, economic, or race barrier at play here.


I can't candy coat this one. We are visual creatures, instantly assessing our surrounds for nice things that are pleasing to the eye. It's a primal throwback for finding a partner and keeping safe. This doesn't for one second mean that YOU have to look like a Victoria Secret Model or Movie Star. 

What can I do?  Making an effort is all it takes. Get your hair styled and coloured in a way that makes the best of your features. Don't ask for something that isn't essentially YOU. I can guarentee, you wont feel comfortable and feeling uncomfortable... is NOT attractive. Wear some makeup. A slick of lippy and some mascara is showing effort, if you aren't handy in this area. Guys these days are also using coverup & experimenting with makeup to enhance their features. Get dressed each day in clean ironed clothes, polish those shoes and make sure you smell good too. 


The ability to let go and have fun is really important in how you are perceived by others. Go out with the intention to have a good time. Go with the flow and don't be too rigid about how an event should play out. The ability to enjoy the company of others is attractive. 


Run your own race. Sometimes, people may be threatened a little by your progress. This can come out as negative feedback from them. Trust your gut instinct. If it feels right for you, you're making personal progress & feel good about it, keep going. Let the nay sayers have their say, flip your hair & keep at it.


The MOST attractive person in the room is always going to be the one who speaks in an uplifting way. This relaxes others and it just feels good. Listen to yourself the next time you are out. Are you contributing in a positive way? Make an effort to compliment someone or choose a topic of conversation that will lead in a positive direction.

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