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Short hairstyles...

Have you always wanted to try a SHORT HAIRSTYLE?

Do you think short hair only works one way? Are you tired of the boring ponytail? Would a style change be something you are considering? Is your long hair dull, dry or damaged?

If you answered YES to any of these questions - KEEP READING....

                                  SHORT HAIR CAN BE AMAZINGLY VERSATILE.

SOPHISTICATED: Slick your hair down with a side or middle part. This look is very "groomed", add a stand out lipstick to look fabulous.

ROCKER CHIC: Blow- dry your fringe back to make a Quiff. Eyeliner with a cats eye flick creates a dramatic effect.

RUNWAY STYLE: Style forward to cover your eyebrows. Concentrate on a great blush to highlight your cheekbones.

WEEKEND: A quick shampoo and light blow-dry with minimal styling products will produce a breezy casual look. Minimal makeup is needed, try a slick of gloss on your lips.

WORK: Similar to weekend styling with a bit more product and care taken. Makeup in neutral colours.

Styling options are endless, I have only covered a few ideas for you to try.Your hair will be instantly healthier and your best features highlighted (instead of covered up under long hair that can be ageing and drag your face down). 

Ask the team at Hair Flair Bradbury for something that will best suit YOU!

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