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Salt and pepper dad


All Dads are DIFFERENT when it comes to grooming & looking after their hair... some like to maintain the original colour of their hair with hair dye and others don't mind a bit of the "salt and pepper look" creeping in as they age, because it gives them a distinguished mature look.

Today we are going to focus on the "salt and pepper" dad.


As we age, hair loses pigment. It's pretty much as simple as that. Grey or white hair is hair with NO pigment. We have learned to associate grey hair with old people because as we age, the hair gradually stops producing it's original pigment and begins to show white/grey. There are some medical conditions where this can happen to younger people (can I include myself here? I don't FEEL old...) as well as some extremely confident YOUNG female fashonistas like Nicole Richie, Lady Gaga and Kelly Osbourne to name a few. 


The key to OWNING the GREY/WHITE look as a FASHION opposed to the OLD MAN STATEMENT is in the maintenance:

*A great haircut - Making sure the hair is groomed and trim instantly speaks "eminence" as opposed to "has been". *A great colour - Even though the hair is losing pigment, it can reflect yellow/dull tones which only ages the face more. 


SILVER CHARGE - fortifying silver shampoo for grey or white hair.

BENEFITS: * Yellow and brassy tones will be neutralized. * Hair will be strengthened & conditioned to enhance the natural lustre of grey/greying hair. * Contains shine enhancing Quinoa oil and a UV filter. * Hair is rejuvenated, stronger and revived.


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HOW DO I USE THIS PRODUCT? * Wear gloves to apply on damp hair. * Work into a lather and rinse. * Repeat with a second lather and leave in for 3-5 minutes. * Use this product for a maximum of TWICE A WEEK, interspersed with your normal Redken For Men shampoo. ASK THE TEAM AT HAIR FLAIR BRADBURY IF "DAD" WOULD BENEFIT FROM USING THIS PRODUCT TOO.


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