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Salon Design, Minimalism


At HAIR FLAIR BRADBURY, we want you to feel like the centre of attention. That is why we have specifically kept the salon aesthetics to a clean white, silver, black palette with our signature highlight colour burgandy used at a bare minimum.

The fittings are crisp and timeless, including large mirrors lit from above with bright white lighting.


Imagine a beautifully decorated salon with MYSTERIOUS dark corners and minimal lighting....

magine NOW how difficult it could be for the SALON STYLIST to get the best view for cutting YOUR HAIR when they can barely see YOU let alone small strands of hair - attention to detail is important to us.

Imagine....BRIGHT POPPING colourful walls...

Imagine NOW how the SALON COLOURIST can achieve the BEST colour match for YOUR HAIR if the walls are throwing off a green reflect - attention to detail is important to us. 

Imagine.... CREATIVE lighting techniques..

Imagine NOW how the SALON COLOURIST is going to achieve an even colour or how the SALON STYLIST is going to cut your hair with unusual shadows in the way - attention to detail is important to us. 

Our lines are CLEAR, CRISP & CLEAN at HAIR FLAIR BRADBURY to ensure YOU get a professional service each time you visit. 

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