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Must haves in hair care.


I am a little bit excited to share with you my NEW FAVOURITE daily hair care discovery. As you are probably well aware of my absolute gushing LOVE for the ORIGINAL Redken COLOUR EXTEND shampoo/conditioner range in it's signature RED bottle.......

......Well, I'm about to introduce you to COLOUR EXTEND'S new generation sibling.....


Beautifully packaged in a pretty pink bottle, this NEW product is also for colour treated hair, but offers YOU a SULPHATE FREE alternative. 



So, there is no real panic if you use a product with sulphate in it. Some of you, however, may find this NEW alternative suits you, your hair and your scalp better.  The fresh fruity smell is lovely and I must admit.... the shampoo does lather up quite well.  I'm just waiting for my next haircut to find out if my colour stays as well as the original formula. It never let me down. 

WHAT TO GET? SHAMPOO Keeps your colour fresh and vibrant. Cleans your hair, giving a soft smooth feel.

HOW TO USE 1. Apply to wet hair and massage into a lather. Don't forget to work your hands around your scalp, so you don't just concentrate on one area. 2. Rinse thoroughly and follow with conditioner.

CONDITIONER A repairing formula that helps detangle hair. Hair will feel soft and smooth.

HOW TO USE 1. After shampooing, apply and distribute through the hair. Work mainly towards the mid and end lengths of the hair for best results. 2. Rinse thoroughly.

ALWAYS ask your stylist for their opinion. The friendly staff at Hair Flair Bradbury will guide you in the right direction. They will know the best choice for your hair condition and scalp needs. 

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