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"Mun bun" to man

I have to admit, a good looking guy is a good looking guy no matter what. Long hair on a man can be super sexy and the trend in "MUN (MAN) BUNS" can not be excluded. Did you notice the word "trend" I slipped in there? The "MUN BUN" has been a TREND. 

WHERE TOO NEXT GUYS?  Hair Flair Bradbury recently sponsored a player from the Campbelltown Blues AFL Season on the condition that his "MUN BUN" get chopped off! Jerimme Allsop known as "MUN BUN" BOY

Jerrimme still has length in his hair. He can wear it back, forward, sticking up...whatever he chooses. The style has a "grown up" feel to it and gives him instant street cred without looking "try hard".  We wish Jerrimme and his team all the best for the season. They will be the BEST LOOKING BUNCH ON THE FIELD as we look forward to more of the guys popping into the salon soon.

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