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How to use Mister G Gel

FOR GUYS & GIRLS, SUITABLE FOR SHORT, LONG, STRAIGHT , OR CURLY LOCKS. Mister G firm hold gel is perfect for texture and hold with a non sticky finish. Ideal for all hair types, simply use your imagination and 'hold on'.

GENERAL INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE Apply a SMALL amount into the palm of your hand. Warm product by rubbing hands together. Distribute evenly through damp hair. Style as desired. Blow dry for VOLUME and HOLD.

NOTE: Unlike other GEL products on the market, only a small amount is required to achieve a desired effect.

MIX IT UP Mix other products with Mister G texture Gel for a softer look. Argan oil or mousse softens the gel to smooth long or curly hair while still providing hold. 

QUALITIES  - Smoothes FLY-AWAY hair. - WATER SOLUBLE - Rinses out, no need to shampoo. - Adds SHINE. - Provides great VOLUME and HOLD. - Blow Dry hair straight - little or no need to use a hot iron afterwards.  - BRUSHES OUT smoothly - no residue. - No TACKY/STICKY feeling. - Fantastic Cinnamon FRAGRANCE - deletes residual odor from colour application. - Smells FRESH and CLEAN.

ALL HAIR STYLES APPLICABLE It's up to YOU now to experiment with the many different looks that can be created with your NEW gel! Slick your hair down, stick it up or create a better curl.... the possibilities are endless..

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