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Hairstyle change tips...

Thinking of changing your hairstyle?

A few helpful tips to consider :

# Have a vision in mind BEFORE your hair appointment. This saves time and more energy can be put into creating the look you want.

 # Collect some magazine pictures or have some pics set up on your phone of a look you like - BE AWARE that your own hair (including length, colour, texture, health...), face shape and age may vary greatly from the image (which may also have been photoshopped) and the final style will be more than likely a tribute to said image. 

#Be realistic about what you think you can manage on a daily basis. Will the new style be low or high maintenance? 

# LISTEN TO YOUR STYLIST... He/she has been trained to know what will work best for your hair type. 

TRUST ME - I have learned the hard way by experience. A few times I have evaded the warnings from Mr G about a particular colour or cut that I have on my mind... only to go back begging for what he recommended in the first place. Even to this day Ms Mia will give me a subtle shake of her head when I mention a particular colour, to which she then offers a more suitable hue. 

# Keep communication open with your stylist at all times. Your end result will be a much happier one if you speak up and clarify your choices BEFORE your hair has been touched.

# FINALLY...Check with your stylist about products that will best help maintain your new do - this could include anything from a specific shampoo, gel, powder, hairspray...

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