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Do you have "product build up" hair?

Updated: Jan 1, 2020


What is product build up? Product build up is a continuous overlapping of 'product on product' on your scalp and hair. 

DRY HAIR - Product coats the surface of the hair leaving residue. When this happens, over time, the hair appears dry due to the layers of product that have built up leaving a crusty, dried out surface. 

DULL HAIR - When the hair is coated in layers of product, the surface area becomes uneven and a shiny light reflective surface is no longer viable. 

LIMP CURLS - Product build up causes the hair to become heavy. This build up drags the curl out as the coating weighs the hair down. 

BREAKAGE - Too much product build up can be damaging when using a hot iron or blow dryer. Hair is prone to break when the heated tools burn the product into the hair. 

ITCHY SCALP - When too much product builds up, particularly on the scalp, the scalp can't 'breathe'. This then irritates & inflames the area causing it to itch. This can then lead into other problems further down the track if not addressed quickly.

FLAKY SCALP - This could be one of two issues. The 'flaky' appearance could actually be product coming away from the scalp or hair shaft due to brushing of scratching as above. The 'flaky' scalp could be actual dead cells that have been scratched away due to irritation. 


1. Make sure you cleanse thoroughly with a good quality Shampoo (sulphate free is best) and warm water.

2. Use a styling product like MISTER G TEXTURE GEL.

Why Mister G Gel? Mister G is a water soluble styling product that WON'T build up on your hair. MISTER G is a soft gel formula that WON'T create resistance, like a harsh wax, that can tend to tear at the hair when styling. Simply rinse out with warm water between shampoos.

DID YOU KNOW? Your new colour or perm can be affected by product build up too. Be honest with your hairdresser, a cleansing cream can be applied if you have used silicone based products or a cheaper shampoo/conditioner. 

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