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Hair, skin, and nail health.


Watching our food and liquid intake, healthy lifestyle, a good nights sleep and mental health are all great contributors to LOOKING OUR BEST. We all know that good skin, nails and hair can only be enhanced IF we have a good base to start with. That is why your hairdresser may talk you out of a particular procedure and recommend several treatments instead. You may notice that your makeup doesn't glide on as smoothly or you use nail polish to COVER your nails rather than enhance them.

If you have a fairly healthy lifestyle and still find that your hair, skin or nails are not as they should be then maybe it's time to try a supplement. I am currently embarking on this very journey myself.... especially as I have found my nails constantly splitting & look dry even though I keep them regularly trimmed. 

Two of our lovely staff members at Hair Flair Bradbury use and recommend the BLACKMORES - NAILS, HAIR & SKIN supplements. The tablets promise to: 1. Help reduce nails from splitting & chipping. 2. Support healthy hair and skin. 3. Assist with bone & collagen formation.

The tablets are a small brown/burgandy colour which are easy to swallow. It is recommended to take one tablet twice a day with food. 


The bottle actually states that from 12 weeks a difference will be noticed as far as nail strength is concerned. My sister has taken them for only a week and has already noticed a difference in her skin tone. I started today, so I will have to keep you updated. 


Healthy HAIR, SKIN & NAILS require good doses of protein, essential fatty acids, minerals and vitamins.  Each tablet contains measured doses of BIOTIN, SILICA, ZINC, VITAMIN C, FOLIC ACID, IRON, MANGANESE, BETA-CAROTENE AND VITAMIN B5. Your body may be lacking these or may not be absorbing them properly. 

I can't wait to see a difference in my nails..... but I might also get a bonus.... with clearer skin and stronger hair too! 


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