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Dialogue, design, and dye.

How is YOUR relationship going with YOUR hairdresser? Did you know: The relationship a woman has with her hairdresser will last longer than the average marriage.

Let's start with COLOUR.

1. My new colour direction was DISCUSSED. I had a certain colour option lined up in my head & through the process of clever questioning, we come up with the exact shade I was after. (You may like to bring in a photo of the colour you like)

2. A colour swatch sample was shown to me, this easily confirms the agreed colour choice. 


At HAIR FLAIR all staff are trained to have YOUR best interest at heart. If a colour will look too harsh or dark for your complexion, for example, they WILL advise against such a choice and offer an alternative. If your hair is too damaged to have another round of bleach, they WILL refuse to comply with that particular wish. On occasion, when a client has been persistent about a particular procedure, a waver agreement is produced - more often than not the client realises that HAIR HEALTH is very important to the crew and seek a less damaging alternative. This is the level of care that you get at HAIR FLAIR BRADBURY. A good dialogue with your colourist is really important, it doesn't have to be a long drawn out thing either. Be clear about what you want and then listen to what is realistic for you. Some colours can take a few visits, over a few months, to get to the level you want.

Now we are ready to talk about the CUT. No-one other than MR G has touched my hair with scissors for well over thirty years. I guess I like what he does. He understands my quirks and fantastical ideas that pop into my head. Sometimes I tell him to do what he likes & other times I have a very specific look in mind. I'm one of the lucky ones - my hair grows quickly. So usually, before I can even blink, my hair grows well over my ears. I recently had a girl crush on the character ANIKA of the TV series EMPIRE. Her hair is similar to what I have had in the past and I thought it looked really chic.

At the end of the day, if you want what you want, YOU HAVE TO ASK FOR IT. Having a good relationship with your stylist is really important. You need to be able to freely articulate your wants, but you also need to listen to the advice of the professional. I find these days that when Mr G cuts my hair, we have a working dialogue going on about how thick I want my fringe, how far into the haircut I want it to go and how much undercut I can have and why. (eg: I have fine hair and too much undercut can make the overlapping hair look too sparse). The final LOOK always evolves into what suits ME best. REMEMBER: You don't need an exact replica of someone elses hair - how droll.


Having your hair done should be an ADVENTURE. Don't take it too seriously - IT GROWS BACK. A haircut or even colour can change your whole look & the beauty of that's not forever! Go on, DO SOMETHING FUN WITH YOUR HAIR!


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