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Cleanse yourself

Let's face it ....everyone has different needs - especially when it comes to HAIR.

I am a bit of a rogue when it comes to my HAIR. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE a fresh new COLOUR but I also like that fresh CLEAN feeling of newly shampooed hair. Don't tell Mr G.... but I shampoo EVERYDAY ... sometimes twice depending on levels of exertion during the day. 

How does my colour stay fresh AND vibrant?

The secret...( I have shared it before on Facebook) is..... REDKEN COLOUR EXTEND SHAMPOO & CONDITIONER - red pack.

Don't just take my word for it ( I'm never a total sucker for an ad - well not always anyway). Use the shampoo and THEN ... LITERALLY at your next haircutting experience, pick up your hair from the cutting room floor at HAIR FLAIR BRADBURY and I will guarantee that the hair on the floor will still have a fantastic level of colour retained. It WORKS!

Your individual hair WANTS & NEEDS may differ from mine.... REDKEN hasn't left YOU out either.

There is a SMOOTHING and frizz control pack for unruly hair (brown pack), REAL CONTROL that moisturises & repairs high-maintenance hair (purple pack), CLEAR MOISTURE leaving a light natural shiny finish (blue pack) and the NATURES RESCUE that helps remove product build up (green pack).

Ask the team at HAIR FLAIR BRADBURY for the product that would best suit you.

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