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Are you being foiled correctly?


I'm going to begin with a quote: "The only place you should see stripes of hair is on a zebra".

When you are paying good money for colouring enhancement, I'm guessing you want a bit of longevity included. If your foils are placed in this stripe formation, I can guarantee that within a week or two, the natural regrowth of your hair will amplify the "Zebra style" look.

HOW DO WE DO IT AT HAIR FLAIR BRADBURY? A technique called the HERRINGBONE PATTERN is applied. This is an angled style of foiling pattern much like the bone structure of a fish.

WHY DO WE DO IT THIS WAY? There are a few reasons: 

1. When the hair is coloured in this fashion, the untouched sections of hair blend/collide with the coloured sections and don't form that tell tale line you so often see with other foiling techniques. It is a more difficult process for the colourist, but the end result is more natural. 

2. Your foils will last longer. This doesn't mean the colour will last any longer or your hair wont grow as much. It means that when regrowth happens, it will take longer to notice because of the way the foils fall. They are not as obvious as a straight line applied from the top. 

3. YOU SAVE MONEY. If you can't see the regrowth as quickly, you don't need the foils done as often.

4. YOU AVOID THE OVER-FOILED LOOK. This means that you can actually have your hair "regrowth" coloured and a toner applied on the foils instead of foils at each salon visit. If you have foils at EVERY session, before you know it you have gone entirely blonde. (example given is for someone who has blonde foils)

Finally, a sneaky little trick you can try at home inbetween visits. I have used this many times over the years to cover greys or foils when I have had them... THE ZIG ZAG PART! Actress Blake Lively also regularly uses this savvy little style technique to disguise her regrowth. It can be a messy zig zag or a clean one, tiny zig zags or big depending on your own needs.

What are you going to ask for when you next get foils?


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