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Mister G Gel Packaging

Updated: Jan 1, 2020

When MISTER G TEXTURE GEL was being created, a very important aspect we had to consider was packaging. There a so many considerations that go into this process that I thought I would share some of them with you today.

1. PROTECTION - We were aware that Mister G Gel wanted to expand globally eventually (not expecting it to happen so soon), so a safely protected product was paramount. Our regular customers can also benefit from the securely attached silver seal that can easily be removed on first use. This allows the purchaser to know that the product has not been exposed to the elements or any tampering. 

2. THE VESSEL - The type of packaging was really important too. Many clients travel on a regular basis, a soft flexible package allows the product to be transported in any manor of situations without the fear of being snapped in messy pieces between clothing etc. The product itself can be easily obtained through a gentle squeeze right up to the last drop of gel. Hard casing can often leave a great deal of product behind and no way of getting to it. 

3. THE COLOUR - Once again, with our clients in mind, we chose a black on white colour scheme. A simple no-nonsense look that is suitable for our vast clientele. MISTER G is used by: The business community, the trend driven, the product freak, and everyone in between. We didn't want to cut anyone out, just because of the look.

4. THE SIZE - Mister G comes in a 100ml tube. This size choice is portable & efficient for travel and everyday use at home. 

5. THE BLURB - We all know MISTER G (the person) loves to talk hair. Mister G says "HOLD ON" was the perfect headline. It also paves the way for some NEW products that could be coming your way in the near future. Thinking: Mister G says "STICK IT" Mister G says "SPRAY ME".  As for the back, a simple explanation on how to best use your new product and a carefully listed ingredients panel. 

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